Spiral Binding

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Spiral Binding

What do we do in spiral binding?

You can have your prints bound at Mim Copy with wire spiral binding or plastic spiral binding with color options such as Metal, White Silver. With our electric binding machines, your prints are finished quickly.

What is Spiral Binding?

Today, there are many binding methods commonly used in the printing industry. One of the most important applications among these is the spiral skin method. Spiral binding is achieved by punching multi-page documents in a special binding machine and passing materials made of wire or PVC through the holes. Basically, when you look at the types of spiral, we can say that there are two different application methods as plastic spiral binding and wire spiral.

You can always feel the privilege of working with Mim Copy, which is one of the leading organizations in the sector in the field of spiral binding as well as in other digital printing areas. Thanks to the technological equipment and expert staff, we carry out our work in a very healthy way. We strive to offer you the best service with our high quality standards and mass production capability.

Wire spiral binding is one of the leading spiral binding methods used in stationery. Today, many sectors benefit from the advantages of this spiral process. In general, wire spiral application is preferred for documents up to 450-500 pages. This binding method is used in almost all documents such as wall calendars and desktop calendars. This method, which has a very common usage area, is also used in advertising studies. With sensitive studies, effective benefit can be obtained from spiral application.

We can see examples of spiral binding in many of the materials we encounter every day. We can easily say that the wire binding application, which continues its effect today as it was yesterday, will take an active place in our lives tomorrow. The binding method in question becomes much more meaningful and permanent thanks to our company’s experience in the sector and the expert staff we employ.

One of today’s popular spiral binding methods is plastic spiral binding. Thanks to the application using plastic-based spiral material, it is possible to make the skin much more flexible and useful. Again, in the application using a special spiral machine, only the spiral material used is different. Various notes and project work can be brought together with this app and can be used for long-term healthy use.

Plastic Spiral Binding

You can get healthy results from any spiral binding method. Thanks to our modern equipment and expert team, the binding work is completed in a short time. The skins obtained as a result of the work are delivered to you in the fastest way.

The spiral binding machines within our company are capable of responding to today’s needs in the best way. In this way, the binding process is completed in a short time. In addition, you can get the following advantages by choosing our company.

  • You can get spiral binding service at an attractive price.
  • Professional high quality workmanship is applied during application.
  • You can get the efficiency you desire from the product that emerges with the support of proven personnel in the field.
  • By using the latest technology machines, products that satisfy you at the end of binding are created.

Spiral binding prices vary according to the size of the binding product you need and the amount of documents to be bound. Our company will give you all kinds of support during the application and will also support you in terms of price.

Thanks to the binding of your documents, you will not face problems such as the scattering and loss of your critical documents, books or thesis works. Thanks to the binding made of quality materials, you can keep your documents and papers for many years without any problems. With spiral wire or plastic, your documents will not come off or get lost. With these spiral types used in various sectors, you can take measures that emphasize your activities. If you want to work with a leading company that has a say in the sector in your spiral binding works, you can contact Mim Copy.

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