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Medal Making

What Do We Do in Medal Making?

Custom designed printed medals can be made in Gold, Silver, Bronze colors.

Discover our difference with our quality prints and medals delivered in a special box upon request.

Which types of medals are available?

The 1st place medal is gold and the 2nd place medal is silver and the 3rd place medal is bronze. The medals’ inner prints are personalized according to your event.

The most preferred type of award medal is metal medals. Its durability and the difficulty of its preparation are commensurate with the medal’s purpose of certifying achievement. For this reason, the most preferred type of medal is the metal medal. Metal medals are one of the types of medals that can be optionally customized for each area and are used internationally. Metal medals are delivered after printing on them.

We make the most beautiful designs of medals, which have been known as the prize of champions in the Olympics for centuries, for you by our company. We realize remarkable designs with our experienced team in medal printing and medal coating.

A medal is an item used as a symbol of success and achievements in various areas of life. Medals produced using various materials are designed in different sizes. Printed medals are also made by our medal printing company according to your demands. We turn it into an eye-catching symbol with quality and stylish prints on the medal and medal rope. Medals, which are the indispensable prize of sports competitions and competitions, can be printed with high quality prints.

Medal Printing

Medals are metal objects, usually round in shape, with special figures, embossed inscriptions, patterns and designs depicted on them, which are given in competitions, sports competitions, festivals and organizations in order to reward people who have successfully achieved certain degrees or to honor those who have shown outstanding service and heroism in wars. Apart from competitions and festivals, medals may also be awarded to commemorate an important event. The medals have very elegant metals.

The name of the event and achievement for which the medal is awarded is printed with the name of the organization. We can print medals in bulk. By printing medals quickly, we can create orders for the needs of customers. We also apply digital printing processes to the sashes and ropes used in collective medal prints on quality metal plates. Depending on the fabric structure of the sashes and strings and the purpose of the medal, prints can be made in various striking colors.

Medal printing, digital prints on the medal, which is a metal plate, signs, symbols and writings indicating the purpose for which the medal was awarded, are applied by printing or embossing technique on metals. Medal printing techniques produce highly durable results for the long-term preservation of medals.

The preparation of medals, and especially the successful application of digital printing techniques, requires a preparation process that requires knowledge, experience and technical superiority. Our company, which has many years of accumulation and experience in this field, has the ability to produce solutions to all medal needs in a fast and qualified manner. You can reach the highest quality medal prints by sending your special requests to our company, which offers superior quality and speed in the preparation of medals that are suitable for different needs and have different qualities.

As a result of the services we offer you, you can freely design medals with the material and design features you want with your special medal requests. Our company, which has the potential to realize designs that are directly proportional to your demands for medals with features and printing options suitable for every situation, has the potential to offer you a wide range of options in the field of medals. You can contact us for all your orders regarding our medal designs, which are produced according to demand and can also be printed and embossed according to demand, you can forward your requests to us.

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