Dönkart is an important piece of equipment that enables businesses to establish contact with customers. With the rotary card printing you will have done, you can deliver your campaign and short summary information that you want to draw attention to your customers. Today, it is seen that these advertising tools are actively used in many businesses and sales points.

You can inform your customers about your products or services in Dönkart design. You can also use these tools to effectively promote the service you provide. The purpose of printing is to attract the attention of the customer in terms of visual and key information. With the products used after the study, it is aimed to make potential customers interested in the business and to keep information about the business in their subconscious. Naturally, it is essential to increase the revenue of the business as much as possible with rotary card printing.

Attracting customers’ attention is very important in the design of a Dönkart print. The print can include an eye-catching image of the service you provide, as well as a catchy slogan, description or a phrase that contributes to the promotion. Since the main thing in the work is to advertise the business, an interesting design approach is always an issue to be considered.

Usually cardboard or coated paper is used in the design of the Dönkart. The thickness of these papers also varies according to the user’s preference. When you make this design with Mim Copy, you can see that paper types with different features and different designs are used. You can realize this design with the size and qualities you want. You can reach your customers in a short way by using different texts and visuals related to the message you want to give in the design. You can have a rotary card design that serves your purpose by utilizing the special cut products made.

Rotocard prints can be made back to front or on one side of the surface. You can hang these products where your customers can see them by purchasing a rotary card hanging apparatus in accordance with the size of the print made. The windows of your business are a good place for this. Plastered designed rotary card types can be made on 2 mm cardboard or 3 mm plastic sheet in accordance with the demands of our customers. Foil or coated label plastering methods can be used for such printing.

What does Dönkart mean?

Dönkart types are mostly used for low triage jobs. Bristol rotary cards can be designed with offset or digital printing application upon request from our customers. In digital printing, any number of products can be produced, while offset printing requires a certain number of products to be ordered. Digital printed products are therefore more suitable for low triage jobs.

You can also examine the sample models of our company for Dönkart design. You can be sure that the works shaped in expert hands with a sensitive work will attract your attention. Visual, graphic and impressive writings are also utilized in the prepared designs. After the design is organized in accordance with your company, the printing stage is started immediately. Following the completion of the printing, your Dönkart will be sent to your address with the fastest cargo channel.

When you receive the Dönkart print, you can start using it immediately. You can use the appropriate points of your business as a usage area. You can use the products in your business as well as in your service vehicles or in different places where you communicate with your customers. You can get the expected efficiency from the products in every place you use them. Of course, in the use of products, it will be a much more accurate choice to serve the purpose by choosing the areas that your customers see.

As Mim Copy, we always offer you the products with the richest design. Our expert team designs in accordance with your sectoral activities and starts a precise production phase. Thanks to the modern equipment we have, the production phase is completed in a short time. If you want to have a variety of Dönkart types that you will use effectively in your business, you can contact Mim Copy.

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