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Company Stamp

As Mim Copy, we provide emergency stamp service. With laser, we can produce and deliver the stamps you need in 10 minutes.

The company stamp, which symbolizes the signature of companies and firms on documents, is among the frequently used materials in working life. Stamps are used in correspondence, documents and commercial documents in all official or private institutions operating from public institutions to private companies. The company stamp contains personal, company name and similar private information. In official documents related to the company, the stamping process is applied in order to prevent the company information that needs to be continuously sealed in official documents related to the company from being handwritten over and over again in each document. The company stamp, which is also a legal obligation, is known as inked plastic seal. The company stamp indicates that the stamped document has been written, issued or the contents of the document have been approved by the company owner or administrative authority. Stamps have the characteristics of a qualified signature but are not a substitute for a wet signature. The company stamp can be shaped according to specific needs and can be customized with elements such as images, text or logos in ink.

Since company and company stamps are generally used on invoicing and official documents, they are made in standard sizes. The trademark stamp contains special information such as the corporate name, address, tax number and tax office, telephone numbers of the company or individual. Our company, which makes company stamps, produces stamps with all customizations according to your preference. We evaluate your orders instantly and we can make company and company stamps with all the features you want and deliver them to you. You can create your stamp orders with the features you want by contacting our company that makes company stamps.

Stamps According to Usage Areas

Stamps that accompany every moment of working life are usually self-inking automatic stamps. Since laser technology is frequently used in this type of stamps, it is also known as laser stamps. The information to be written on the laser stamp is transferred to the laser printer via computer. Company information is written on the fireproof piece of rubber by laser method in an inverted position. This process is completed in a few minutes. Afterwards, the small residues in the form of dust on the rubber part are removed with the help of a brush. The inscriptions on the rubber are removed with water due to dust. In the last part, the excess rubber parts are cut off with scissors and glued into the plastic stamp and assembled.

Stamps have stamp sections and ink stamp sections. The inked part can be stored for long periods of time without contact with air. Black, blue, red or green colors are generally used in stamps used in companies and firms. You can request a single color or these four colors can be used together in the same stamp. The inks of company stamps that can be used thousands of times can be refilled.

Stamps can be customized according to the demands of various usage areas. The inked writing parts of the stamps produced for use in companies and firms are made of rubber material. Thanks to the rubber material, stamps are very durable and long-lasting. According to their usage areas, stamps can be listed as follows:

  • Corporate Company Stamps
  • Company Stamps
  • Name Stamps
  • Date Stamps
  • Numerators
  • Pencil Stamps
  • Pocket Stamps
  • Doctor’s stamp
  • Teacher Stamp

Our company, which produces custom stamps, determines and processes the information requested on the stamp after receiving the necessary personal and company information from you. You can reach the company stamp you demand in the fastest way by designing professional stamps by our expert teams.

By contacting our company, you can request a sample stamp and have a stamp design according to your preference. You can get consultancy from us about stamp printing and designing processes. Stamp prices vary according to the type of stamp determined according to the area used and the cost of the stamp. You can get information about our stamp systems produced with electronic writing devices and you can contact our company for all the stamps you need.

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