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Established in Istanbul/Turkey, Mim Copy is a printing company specializing in the services we provide to customers throughout the country and internationally.

Print On Demand Printing

digital print
Digital Print
Your documents can be output in black and white or color.
Your documents or documents can be copied by photocopying them in black and white or color.
business card
Business Card
Your business card prints that your company needs are printed and delivered quickly.
brochure - flyer
Brochure - Flyer
Your brochures and flyers, whether single page or fractional, are produced according to the weight and quality you want.
pocket file
Pocket File
In order to present your files more collectively, pocket file printing is made as special cut.
Your price lists or catalog prints that you need for the promotion of your products can be printed in MimCopy.
Indispensable for your corporate identity, 1st pulp letterhead paper printing can be printed on thin or thick paper.
We can print personalized invitations for your special days, invitations and openings.
autocopied printing
Autocopied Printing
A service for printing on paper, where a copy of what you write goes on the back.
label printing
Label Printing
We can print half-cut, special cut or full-cut stickers on adhesive paper, coated, metalized labels.
barcode printing
Barcode Printing
Your barcodes that you have delivered in the form of code can be formatted and printed as sticker or paper in the quantity you want.
variable data printing
Variable data printing
Your documents can be personalized (such as name, surname, address) and printed in bulk on the material you want (such as envelope, name tag, sheet metal).

Blueprint Printings

Digital Printing

pvc banner printing
PVC Banner Printing
Your canvas, vinyl prints from 240gr to 600gr can be printed up to 320 cm in one piece in UV or ecosolvent machines.
uv printing
Uv Printing
Whether in sheets or rolls, your prints up to 250 cm can be printed with uv printing, which is much more resistant to external factors than standard prints.
forex foamboard printing
Forex Foamboard Printing
Photoblock or forex (dekota) prints can be produced directly on the material with uv printing method or with foil and plastering technique on the material.
one way vision printing
One Way Vision Printing
It can be printed on owv foil, a material that does not show the back when viewed.
foil printing
Foil Printing
We can make digital printing as uv or ecosolvent on matte or glossy material.
poster printing
Poster Printing
We can print your poster prints on coated or poster papers.
vehicle coating
Vehicle Coating
We can dress your corporate vehicles with foil or one way vision as a complete or regional logo.
foil cutting
Foil Cutting
The image you want from colored, adhesive foils is cut and delivered by transfer.
canvas printing
Canvas Printing
Your images can be printed on canvas fabric and stretched on wooden hoop.
work safety signs
Work Safety Signs
We can produce occupational safety signs as Forex, Composite, Sheet or label.
direction signs
Direction Signs
Making stylish, special sided directional signs for doors, building, office entrances suitable for indoor or outdoor use
magnet printing
Magnet Printing
We can print special cut or flat magnets that can adhere to metal surfaces such as vehicles, refrigerators, sheet metal.

Digital Cutting

special box making
Special Box Making
Personalized box making with plastering or direct printing method on materials such as cardboard, cardboard for the presentation, storage and gift of your products
laser processing
Laser Processing
We can print names, logos and graphics on surfaces such as leather, cardboard, wood, painted metal with laser engraving method.
model cutting
Model Cutting
We can cut materials such as model cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, photoblock, forex with Cnc or laser according to the dimensions you send.
laser cutting
Laser Cutting
We can laser cut materials such as wood, plexi, photoblock.
special section
Special Section
We can cut materials such as photoblock, forex, model cardboard, cardboard with digital knife.


pocket stamp
Pocket Stamp
Small size stamp making, also called pocket stamp with its easy portable, practical size
signature stamp
Signature Stamp
We can produce signature stamps for documents or frequently signed files.
company stamp
Company Stamp
We can produce stamps in all sizes that companies need.

Display Products

Standard size 85 cm wide and 2 meters high roll-ups with practical presentation can be produced.
spider stand
Spider Stand
Spider stand printing that you can use in various sizes at fairs or events
We can print x banners stretched diagonally for economical presentations.
standing panel
Standing Panel
Panel printing from materials such as wood, photoblock, cardboard in desired sizes with back legs...
Double-sided rotary card production according to the desired dimensions that can be used with presentations that are usually hung on the ceiling
Production of woobler with special cut front side extended from the shelves...
stand making
Stand Making
We can make the processes from design to production, assembly and disassembly of the stands you need for the promotion of your product or service such as fairs, events, promotional stands, display stands.

Promotion - Gift

We produce plaques by engraving or direct printing on materials such as glass, wood, metal, plexi.
We can print the design you want on mugs in different varieties and colors.
Special designed medal printing in Gold, Silver, Bronze colors
textile products
Textile Products
We can print on fabric products such as Tshirt, Hat, Tote Bag.
agenda calendar
Agenda Calendar
Personalized interior and cover printed agenda, calendar, calendar, etc. can be printed.
name tag - hanging rope - name badge
Name tag - Hanging rope - Name badge
Hanging rope, lanyard, lanyard, Yoyo, name tag can be supplied with and without printing.
promotion products
Promotion Products
You can contact us with a wide range of products in corporate gift promotional products.


spiral binding
Spiral binding
You can assemble your outputs with Plastic, Wire, Spiral spiralizing.
soft binding
Soft Binding
Glue binding with cardboard covers allows you to assemble your prints in book form.
hard binding
Hard Binding
Your theses or important documents can be bound in the form of rolled cardboard, thread stitching.
To increase the durability of your prints in outdoor conditions, matte or glossy coating can be applied on your prints.
Your outputs can be pvc coated with heat.
Cellophane coating can be applied to make your printouts more beautiful or to increase their resistance to breakage and cracking.

Scan - Copy

wide format scanning
Wide Format Scanning
We can scan your 120 cm wide and infinite size prints in color or black and white up to 2400dpi resolution.
a4 to a3 scanning
A4 to A3 Scanning
Your A4-A3 sized books and documents can be automatically scanned up to 600dpi resolution.
blueprint scanning
Blueprint Scanning
We are able to scan and copy the blueprints after cleaning the backgrounds with special software.
cd - dvd copy
CD - DVD Copy
Your CD-DVDs can be burned and copied serially in the quantities you want.

What We Do

At Mim Copy printing solutions center, we offer solutions for all your printing needs.

We offer affordable and fast solutions for your black and white and color photocopying, black and white and color outputs. In our digital printing center, we provide all output services such as printing on glossy paper, poster printing, brochure printing, name-specific certificate printing, emergency business cards, name badge making solutions.

Plan Copy, we can quickly print your blueprint prints in color and black and white with an affordable blueprint price in our kağıthane photocopy center. You can contact us to get information about blueprint prices.

You can visit our store for urgent stamps or we can ship your urgent stamps on the same day. You can contact us to get stamp prices for pocket stamps and other stamp types.

We can print your promotional products with uv printing, we can print flat glass printing, wood printing, direct printing on photoblogging, forex printing up to 2.50 meters wide with our large size uv printing machine.

Your poster prints can be taken as photoblock poster printing, canvas poster printing, wooden poster printing in any size you want. wobbler making and turntable making can also be done.

We can make tarpaulin printing, vinyl tarpaulin, facade cladding, billboard cladding, stage cladding, stand construction up to 320 cm in digital printing, we can also serve as directional signs and work safety signs as decota work safety signs or metal work safety signs.


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